Bartlett Motorsport Engineering

BME Shopping Mall Grand Opening

It has been a few months since the last post. I am excited to say lots of things have happened since then. I made a trip to Indianapolis to attend the PRI show where I had the opportunity to speak with several vendors. We have since started filling the BME shopping mall with circle track racing related items. I was originally going to focus the store on only dirt late model related products, but after speaking with several people at PRI, I have been convinced to expand the scope to include dirt modifieds and dirt street stock related items as well. Bringing

Website Progress

The website is coming along nicely.  We are adding new content daily.  

Our first simulation tool will be coming online soon.  It is a simulation that mimics a "spring smasher".  For those of you who may not know what a "spring smasher" is, it is a tool that is used to compress a shock & spring assembly to test the force generated by the assembly at a given distance.  It is a valuable tuning tool that is often used to set up the suspension of a chassis when the desired ride height force targets are known.  The "spring smasher" lets you set the preload on the shock/spring assembly prior to installing it on the car.  This tool is also commonly